RPG Update and More

Ok, first off yes I finally finished updating RPG. Well kinda. I got it to 1.8.4 and the plugin we have been waiting on.  But the new overhaul isn’t in place yet.  I had it running smoothly then I messed a simple function and now having issues.  After staring at the code for hrs and not seeing my mess up, I said screw it and got the basic update ready.  So it’s in 1.8.4 and haven’t tested much of it.  Haven’t even tested the classes and skills to see if they work.  So go play monkey’s and let me know.

I also updated the bukkit version to 1.8.4 R2. On both servers.  So it says it’s got a lag fix but lets see if it does.  So let me know if the constant disconnects keep happening.

Also on a side note, I need some builders for RPG I need a few people to build some big cities.  I have a way that worked once then stopped that allows me to enable an area to be a creative mode in the RPG map.  So we can have a massive build site thats in creative mode, and then when you leave you get your normal inv back and go back to being  in survival mode.  But like I said it worked once and now I cant get to do it again.

Till next time.

It’s Update Time Finally!

Well we finally have the server updated to 1.8.4, it’s about time right.  Well I almost didn’t update yet for the simple fact out multi world plugin is not working 100%.  They decided to split it into 4 different plugin’s and now only 1 of those new plugins work.  thankfully its the running mutli-worlds part of it is.  But the portal part doesn’t.  So for the mean time I made a couple StarGate portals to get between the two.  And the spawn world is completely fucked up.  But I got a temp fix for that too.  So for now we have the wonders of pistons and shears going.  With a few minor bugs I will iron out in the next week or two. I need a break from the code, so it wont happen in the next day or two.

Until then enjoy!

Survival: Claim Your Stake, Stake your Claim

We have built a village area for protection in Survival world. Everyone can have a 10x10x20 area, where you can store your valuables. You can build below and above that mark but that won’t be protected.

So if you want an area go past the temple of worlds, then head NE you will see an open spot. Let me(or mod tomorrow) know what plot you want. And we can assign them to you.

PsychoSuzy Takes the Spleefing Title

After a very close battle between ninjawh0re and PompadourJay, PsychoSuzy has won the first match in the SuperMinerBros Spleefing Championship and is the glorious recipient of the Spleefing Shovel.

spleef-1 spleef-2

Canison, libelle and cypher1024 registered but did not score due to lame tactics/not being present.

It soon became clear that spleefing while walking backwards was a flawed strategy. Some tried to use the sand blocks to their advantage, but inevitably failed.

Ten rounds were played in all, with a final ultimate deathmatch using the snow and hell fields. PompadourJay took an early lead, with ninjawh0re soon catching up. PsychoSuzy remained on one torch until late in the match – after the final round, three players were tied.

A final tiebreaker was held, in which ninjawh0re hit the lava fairly early, with PsychoSuzy and PompadourJay using the cagey “run next to each other in circles around the field leaving dangerous trails to fall down” tactic. After a bitter fight, Pomp finally dropped through the field and hit the lava bath.



A ceremony was held, followed by a celebratory orgy in the Spleefing Bath.


Spleefing Match


I will be looking to hold a preliminary Spleefing match this coming Friday the 10th June, 2011. I will be online from 4pm Sydney time onwards (+10 GMT for you international noobs) to Spleef the hell out of you. It will be held at /warp sphere unless Cypher1024 has something to say about that.

In case you haven’t competed before the rules of Spleefing are this:

  1. All players on Spleefing field equip diamond shovels
  2. When the referee shouts “GO” you must try to dig the ground out from beneath your opponents, causing them to fall and therefore lose.
    Last man on top wins.
  3. Once you have fallen, you may not step back onto the field until the next round, and should warp to scoreboard to watch the end of the match.
  4. Standing on the iron blocks is allowed, but you forfeit if you make the 2nd last player fall while standing on one.

To enter, simply show up at the sphere at the appointed time and your name will be added to the scoreboard.

Scoring will be kept with torches. The referee will place a sign with your name on it in the scoring area, and will place redstone torches behind it for each point that you score as last man alive.

There are three levels in the Spleefing Sphere – Snow, Hell and Grass. Hell requires a pickaxe. Dropping into the lava underneath Grass means you have lost and should warp to /scoreboard where there will be a small pool for you to “cool off” in.

Matches will be played on Grass only, except for finals which start from Snow.

The Castle & Spawn Lands

This area is the oldest part of the map, built before many modern conveniences that would now make all of this much easier than it was. It is sometimes also known as Omnombuland.

Built by Omnombulist, the Castle stretches into fog, at any rendering distance. A well stocked library is nearby, with the Spawn tower located just outside the Castle walls, near the Highway 101 route.

Two giant dudes appear over one wall of the castle, holding a giant ball of lava. It’s pretty epic, you should go and check it out first hand, and experience some ancient Minecraft culture from the time before east facing stairs!


Legends say there are underground catacombs that extend for hundred of chunks in all directions, even linking up with the ancient land of Herbivia, and an old subway system.

New Toys

So so have may notice the server looks and sounds different. Thats because we have dropped essentials and added CommandBook plug which means we didnt need antigrief anymore. And lost groupmanager for permissions. And needed to add iChat. And a few more backend changes. I think the coolest new feature is the logon sound. So if you know of any cool midi’s let me know I’ll add them in. There’s a way to play them back in game.

Server Move

Ok so our server will be offline for a day while it’s being moved to a new place. And new hardware be in next week. Woo Mutha Fuckin Hoo.

From zok on the forums:
Soooo, this means that the server will be going offline around 11AM CST on Saturday until (hopefully) around 2PM CST on Sunday.

It’s a Whole New World

Ok so today I have install the server update.  With this update to bukkit 617 and all new worldguard and the like, We have more worlds.  Three in total.  but only 2 are really playable.  We now have Creative(or original world), and now Survival(the map we been running since update).  Survival is a no rules no holds bar world, if you get griefed, sucks to be you should have move farther from spawn.  And our old world got some goodies too.  it has larger amounts on kits, and no damage or mobs.  So its a total carebear world.  And of course its got antigrief installed so noobs have to go to survival to prove there not a punk to build in there.  So come on in and check it out.  And for you old people who are lurking get your ass in there and prove you got what it takes to play it like a man/woman for libelle and suzy.