Look at me. I'm your server now.

Super Miner Bros. (SMB) is a quiet little server that begin life in 2010 during the Alpha days. As Minecraft rapidly evolved over the years, SMB followed, playing with unique maps and worlds over time. After 4 years of service, SMB's sole admin (Bearfather) decided it was time to retire from his role, and put forth the offer to let Cynic take over the server at the time.
 Between having doubts about being able to manage such a deeply established server at the time and wanting to rebuild from the ground up, several players from the old server came together and opted to rebrand alongside a global reset. The Consortium was born as a successor to SMB and for three years time, we ran rather quietly as well, aiming to keep the spirit and vibe of SMB alive, as much as possible.
 In July 2017, we decided to do a global reset for the first time as The Consortium, and in the spirit of nostalgia and refocusing on the love of the game that brought us here in the first place, it just felt right to bring it back home to where it started.
 We're here because we love this game. We've said from the beginning that we'd be around for as long as people want to play, and we mean that. We have 7 years worth of maps archived that we plan to reopen for exploring and admiring the creative process of dealing with challenges long solved by feature creep over  several revisions.
 We hope you find a home with us. If not here, hopefully somewhere else just as thoughtful of people's builds, respecting each other, and developing stories that we can share for years to come.  Don't hesitate to ask any questions, and offer up suggestions to improve the server. Come on in,  and let's build some sweet shit.